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Since 2011, Richard and his business associate have been designing lamps and items for everyday use in their product design studio in Roderesch, NL. With equal emphasis on life and style. Their designs are simple and elegant and have something original, back to a time when we did so much more with so much less.

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In the supermarket I stood in amazement looking at the largest pickle jar ever. One sees pickles, the other a lamp. Based on an old electric motor. The switch was demolished from an Opel Ascona with a pickle jar on top. Welding, 3d printing and weathering. Viola.


220 Volts AC / LED bulb

height 42 cm

€ price on request €



Make your head spin. Based on a flashback from a movie (turned out to be Mario Brothers) and gave it its own ‘twist’. The lamp has 2 positions, only light or light and a rotary position. Not the quietest lamp on earth. Switch comes from switch panel 1980s. Gluing, 3D printing and weathering.

 220 V AC / 12 V DC  / LED bulb

height 37 cm

€ price on request € is dedicated to powering the circular economy through products that have a positive impact on people and planet.



Inspired by a boat lamp (museum Sinsheim Germany) A floor lamp with a concrete base. The lamp is held in place with tension springs. Plumbing pipe and shower hose. Welding, 3d printing and weathering. Hard to see in the photo but the color is blue/grey!


220 Volts AC / LED bulb

height 67 cm

€ price on request €



Based on a chimney grate. (Comes from my own chimney!!) The round cylinder on the side is an ignition coil Jawa 350. The lamp is equipped with a 16 Ampere fuse, which is functional. The red signal lamp indicates the operation. Welding, 3d printing, weathering and lots of glue.


220 V AC / 12 V DC  / LED bulb

height 28 cm

€ price on request €

Search, seek and copy

Inspiration everywhere

A hobby has become something more than a hobby. Artistic ideas are expressed here. Scour thrift stores for parts. Lots of 3D printing. And mess around with a brush or airbrush, and then hope that I arrive at a workable result (which I have already thought out in my head). More art than functional. You don’t have to look far for inspiration. Street scene, museums. Graffiti or just junk on the street. Here is a brief overview.



Pulled from the ceiling. Ironing board grid to protect the projection glass. The lamp can rotate 180 degrees in all directions. The feet are adjustable and made of rubber. A delicious sauce, 3d printing, weathering and lots of glue.


220 Volts AC / LED bulb

height 30 cm

€ price on request €



Fitting system comes from a 2-way ceiling lamp. Mounted on a copper pipe, the foot comes from the Ardèche (bathroom tiling). Everything is made functional with a little Knex, Hifi switch and a lot of PUR glue, Thanks to Edison for beautiful lamps. 3d print and weathering.


220 Volts AC / LED bulb

height 30 cm

€ price on request €



The fire is extinguished, what are you left with? A fire extinguisher, 1970s. Authentic texts are still legible. Everything is performed in a 12 Volt environment with plug lights. The foot is cast iron with 3d print elements. The lamp also has a separate power supply. The lamp is tiltable.


12 Volts DC / LED bulb

height 20 cm

€ price on request €

Metal is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Therefore it is available in recycled forms for many applications.



Based on a Philips construction lamp Kringloop purchase. Equipped with an extra switch box, aluminum and a switch from American defense system. The lamp is dimmable and the glass is protected with iron wire. Welding, 3d printing and weathering.


220 Volts AC / LED bulb

height 38 cm

€ price on request €



This lamp is an oldie. Made for my son Sylvester. Great interest in cars. Can Dad design a lamp with a brake disc and a VW Beetle lamp? Of course. Switch comes from a 1970s band saw. Everything brought together into a working whole. Weld and paint.


220 Volts AC / LED bulb

height 48 cm

€ not for sale, his words 😉 €

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Print, print and some airbrush!

Print, sanding, prime and paint

From childhood I had a great interest in electronics. Bulbs, switches, wires and solder. Bringing everything together into a working system. At a later age I went to the Art Academy in Groningen, Minerva. Here I learned to look at the world in a different way and my electronics projects became objects of art. I am an enterprising type, self-taught, always looking for innovation and a challenge. I love to work with people who have a different view of the world with fresh ideas. I am a graphic designer by profession but it is difficult to let go of the 3d world. I’m glad you came to take a look at my website, buy something or see it as your own inspiration. Richard van der Wijk / Richard van der Wijk
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